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II-VI Vietnam

VSIP (year 2009,2010, 2011) 3 system

Design, insta1lation 1.0 m3/h Demin system

Design, installation 4.5m3/h Pretreatment system

Design, installation RO two pass: 5m3/h and 3.4m3/h, Mixbed system: 3.4 m3/h

RO cleaning (conductivity from 17uS/cm  11 uS/cm)

PEPSI Vietnam

12 and Hung Yen Province (year 2005 – 2011)

Technical Service For Two 20m3/h RO system for Pepsi in Hochiminh

Trouble shoot for RO system: Coliform control of Pepsi in Hung Yen

RO cleaning (Conductivity from 13uS/cm -> 9uS/cm)

ANPHU School

Dist 2 (year 2009)

Design, installation: Swimming pool water treatment system


Hau Giang province (year 2007)

Design, Installation 250 l/h drinking water treatment system

VEOLIA Vietnam

Ben Tre Province (year 2010)

Technical service: Commissioning for 15m3/h RO system

BACGIANG Industrial part

Bac giang Province (year 2008)

Technical service: Portable water - Commissioning UF system (5000m3/day)


Baclieu province (year 2007)

Installation, commissioning for 2 RO skid 20m3/h

Technical, Operation training

PHUMY3 Power Plant

Ba ria Province (year 2010)

Technical service for Boiler system (HP, IP, LP)

Troubleshoot consultant for Demin system (Conductivity from 2uS/cm  <0.2uS/cm)

PHU MY Plastic

Petronas group (year 2009)

Technical Service for Boiler, Cooling, Chiller, Demin system

Technical training for technician and operators


Binh Duong Province (year 2010)

Design, installation Waste Water treatment system (5m3/h)

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